As a reminder, the “Medical Provider Network (MPN) applicant shall obtain from each physician participating in the MPN a written acknowledgment in which the physician affirmatively elects to be a member of the MPN.” 


To maintain and affirm your participation in all MPNs that you have been selected for and have subscribed to Anthem’s Provider Affirmation Portal, go to Availity and login. Once in, click on the Payer Spaces drop down menu in the top right hand corner, and select Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) from the options available to you. On the next page click on “Resources” in the middle of the page and look for “MPN Provider Affirmation Portal.”


If you cannot go online, call Anthem Workers’ Compensation at 1-866-700-2168 and we can take action on your behalf in the Provider Affirmation Portal. Please also keep an eye out for email notifications from “Anthem MPN Admin.”


Please also be advised the Provider Affirmation Portal will also notify participating medical providers when an MPN is terminating its relationship with Anthem and/or the Division of Workers Compensation.

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