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As patient panels grow more diverse and needs become more complex, providers and office staff need more support to help address patients’ needs. Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) wants to help.


Cultural competency resources
We have cultural competency resources available on our provider website. Leveraging content created by the Industry Collaboration Effort (ICE) Cultural and Linguistic Workgroup, the Cultural Competency Training and the Caring for Diverse Populations Toolkit have enhanced content.

  • Cultural Competency Training includes:
    • Enhanced content regarding culture including language and the impact on health care.
    • A cultural competency continuum that can help providers assess their level of cultural competency.
    • Guidance on working effectively with interpreters.
    • Comprehensive content on serving patients with disabilities.


  • Caring for Diverse Populations Toolkit includes:
    • Comprehensive information on working with diverse patients and effectively supporting culture, language and disabilities in health care delivery.
    • Tools and resources to help mitigate barriers including materials that can be printed and made available for patients in your office.
    • Guidance on regulations and standards for cultural and linguistic services.

In addition, providers can access for tools and resources that are accessible from any smartphone, tablet or desktop. Providers will find free continuing medical education courses that cover topics relevant to providing culturally competent care and services for diverse individuals.


Prevalent non-English languages (based on population data)

Like you, Anthem wants to effectively serve the needs of diverse patients. It’s important for us all to be aware of the cultural and linguistic needs of our communities, so we are sharing recent data about the prevalent non-English languages spoken by 5 percent or 1,000 individuals in California. (Source: American Community Survey, 2016 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, Table B16001, generated 10/03/2018)


Prevalent non-English languages in CA







Spanish or Spanish Creole




Thai, Lao or other Tai-Kadai




Language support services

As a reminder, Anthem provides language support services for our members with limited English proficiency (LEP) or hearing, speech or visual impairments. Please see the provider manual at for details on the available services and how to access them.


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