Nationally, seven percent of all claims are denied because they weren’t filed within the timely filing limits. At Anthem, we want your claims to be received on time, so they get paid on time. One way to ensure your claim isn’t denied because it wasn’t received within timely filing limits is to follow-up with your clearinghouse on a regular basis.

When you send claims electronically through a clearinghouse, if errors are identified on the claims, they won’t get submitted for payment. Checking in regularly with your clearinghouse is key to identifying claims errors. This gives you the opportunity to correct claims quickly, avoiding delays in filing and running the risk of a claim denial because it wasn’t filed within the timely filing limit.

Have you confirmed the patient is an Anthem member?

Another reason claims are delayed is because the claim was filed with Anthem, but it should have been filed with another insurance company first. To make sure your claim is received on time, double check the member’s insurance information with each visit to your office confirming their primary insurance. To check the member’s eligibility or to get a digital copy of the member’s ID card, log onto From the Patient Registration tab use the Eligibility and Benefits Inquiry tool for a quick and easy search.


Checking your claims status.

It is easy to check your claim online to confirm we’ve received it. Log onto and use the Claims & Payment tab for the Claims Status tool. You may also be able to check the claim to verify no adjustments are needed through the Claims Status Listing application located on the Payer Spaces home page.

The sooner you file the faster your claim is paid.

Filing your claim within the timely filing limits can eliminate claim denials. If your claim denies because it was filed late, Anthem will deny the claim as outlined in your contract with us. It is important to note that the member cannot be billed for denied claims that were not filed timely.

Use these helpful tips when filing your claims because Anthem understands that timely payments are as important as timely filing.


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