On September 1, 2018, CareMore Health will take on the responsibility to coordinate care for our Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan population in Santa Clara County. As an Anthem Blue Cross affiliate, CareMore will work with you and the Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan membership.

This transition in care management will not have any impact on the member’s benefits or your reimbursement rates. CareMore will reach out to you to coordinate your patient’s care.


Your contractual relationship with Anthem Blue Cross Cal MediConnect Plan will not change at this time.


Provider resources are available on the website at https://mediproviders.anthem.com/ca. If you have questions about this update, please contact the Customer Care Center at 1‑855‑817‑5786.


To contact CareMore Health, please call 1-888-291-1358.


To ensure streamlined coordination, it’s important to remember, utilization management, case management, discharge planning, quality management and claims payment activities are designed to ensure patient-specific information, particularly protected health information obtained during review, is kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws, including HIPAA. Information is used for the purposes defined above and shared only with entities who have the authority to receive such information and only with those individuals who need access to such information in order to conduct utilization management and related processes.

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