As we continue our efforts to help ensure our members enrolled in Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant plans have their chronic conditions assessed and documented each year, Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) is engaging Matrix to help encourage members – on our behalf – to schedule a mobile health clinic assessment.  A vendor, Matrix operates the largest fleet of mobile medical centers nationwide and has conducted more than 1,000,000 patient assessments since 1998 – providing convenient access to comprehensive health assessments. 

The mobile clinic provides members with additional options to help them close any gaps in care that they may have.  In late July, Matrix began reaching out to members on our behalf by letter and phone. Our outreach efforts will continue until the end of this year.

Matrix works with hospitals and health plans like Anthem to deliver preventive health testing to the communities Matrix serves.  Each mobile clinic has a reception area and private screening rooms.  Matrix also helps members with scheduling follow-up appointments with their PCPs at the end of the assessments and forwards the PCPs a copy of any results from the health assessment.

Matrix In-Home Assessments

Matrix will perform in-home assessments where possible. The in-home assessments offer a board-certified nurse practitioner (NP) to come to a member’s home to provide a general exam, suggestions for important screenings or other tests, a full review of the medicines they take, answers to health-related questions & a personal health summary detailing their health information.   A copy of the assessment will be sent to members’ PCPs to ensure continuity of care.


The overall goals of the mobile clinic program and the in-home program are to provide convenient, comprehensive appointments that are designed to complement the care provided by our network of physicians.  These mobile clinic or in-home visits do not replace any active treatment plans members currently have with their physicians and are not considered wellness visits or a substitute for members’ annual physical examinations. 


We’re including information about the program in this edition of Provider News should patients contact you about the program.  Please refer members directly to Matrix if they have questions or need more information:


Mobile Bus: 1-888-822-3247

In-Home: 1-855-403-0967

Featured In:
October 2019 Anthem Blue Cross Provider News - California