We appreciate the feedback you shared about the Availity multi-payer Authorization application. Thanks to the insight about your user experience, we’ve made enhancements that we hope will improve your experience even more.

Submissions through Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR)
We appreciate the input you provided about the landing page to the ICR application. The landing page was designed to make it easier to navigate to ICR, but we heard it was confusing. We have made a correction to the landing page making it easier to understand and to navigate to ICR for:


  • Behavioral health member authorizations and inquiries
  • Appeals
  • Federal Employee Program member submissions
  • Medical specialty pharmacy authorizations and inquiries.


Tip: As a reminder, you will receive an error message if you submit an authorization through Availity when it should have been submitted through ICR. This is another way to ensure your authorizations are being processed accurately. If an authorization is submitted through Availity and it should have been submitted through ICR, it will not process correctly and could cause delays in patient care.


Authorization Reference Number Latency
The amount of time it took to receive your authorization reference number was prolonged during the initial launch period. While it may have taken a few extra minutes, this did not prevent you from continuing to submit additional authorizations while waiting for an authorization reference number. Access your authorization reference number at any time from your dashboard. You can also sort, filter and check the status of your authorizations from your dashboard.


Continue to share your experience

We are updating and making enhancements to the Anthem experience in the Availity multi-payer Authorization application based on your input and feedback. If you are experiencing an issue using the application, reach out to Availity Client Services at 1-800-282-4548. Screen shots, case information, dates of service are all helpful pieces of information to assist the service team in identifying and correcting the issues.

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If you aren’t registered to use Availity, signing up is easy and 100% secure. There is no cost for our providers to register or to use any of the digital applications. Start by logging onto Availity.com and selecting the Register icon at the top of the home screen or use this link to access the registration page.


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