The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) requires managed care health plans and their contracted providers to implement the age-appropriate Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) questionnaires.


With many offices now using electronic medical records (EMRs), providers can:

  • Scan the SHA to use it as an EMR.
  • Add the exact SHA questions into an EMR.
  • Use the SHA in a different electronic or assessment tool format.
  • Use another assessment tool such as Bright Futures.


Anthem Blue Cross staff will:

  • Work with your office either in person or through email correspondence to review printed screenshots of the electronic SHA to ensure all information from the questionnaires is incorporated word-for-word.
  • Confirm that any other assessment tools that offices wish to use include the information that’s on the SHA.
  • Submit the appropriate notification form to DHCS at least one month prior to office implementation as required along with the printed screenshots.


DHCS requires that providers first notify the health plans by the use of either the SHA Electronic or Other Format Notification Form or Use of Bright Futures Notification Form. These forms can be obtained by calling your local regional health plan at the appropriate phone number below:

  • Northern region: 1-888-252-6331
  • Central region: 1-559-353-3500
  • Southern region: 1-818-291-6914

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