Anthem Blue Cross has partnered with Everlywell* to provide at-home lab tests for a subset of our eligible patients. We mail at-home test kits directly to patients’ homes with instructions on how to complete and return the kits. Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments-certified labs process the tests, and an independent physician reviews the results.


We provide PCPs a list of their patients who receive test kit(s) and send individual results to the patient and their doctor. You can help your patients navigate needed testing by encouraging them to complete kits mailed to them. A physician’s recommendation is a significant factor in patient screenings.


A patient may receive up to two at-home test kits:

  • Fecal immunochemical test for colorectal cancer screening
  • Hemoglobin A1c test to measure average glucose levels over the past two to three months for those with diabetes


How the program works:

  • Test kit(s) are automatically mailed to eligible patients, and patient lists are sent to physicians.
  • Patients collect samples at home, using instructions provided.
  • Patients mail samples to Everlywell in the provided, postage-paid envelope.
  • Individual test results are sent to patients and their primary care physician, providing evidence of preventive screening completion.


If you have questions about the at-home testing program, contact your local representative. For additional information about Everlywell, visit


* Everlywell is an independent company providing at-home lab testing services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross.


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