If you have an issue or question about a claim, your first step is to call Claims Customer Service or send an online secure message via Availity. If after contacting a Customer Service representative, supervisor, or sending an Availity secure messaging and your claim issue remains unresolved, submit a provider dispute including any reference number(s) supporting any previous calls about your issue.


Use the Provider Dispute Resolution Request (PDR) form to initiate the formal dispute process for a claim already adjudicated or when you, the provider disagrees with an Anthem billing determination.


Uses for the Provider Dispute Resolution Request (PDR) form:


  • Dispute the resolution of an adjudicated claim
  • Appeal a medical necessity or Utilization Management decision
  • Respond to a notice of overpayment or to appeal an overpayment withhold of an adjudicated claim
  • Submit documentation for a contract dispute
  • When there’s a denial of medical group responsibility
  • For submissions of similar multiple claims, billing, or contractual disputes, which may be batched as a single dispute, utilizing the second page of the PDR form to detail the attachments
  • For other submissions that occur after adjudication of the claim

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