Anthem Workers’ Compensation, LLC (Anthem) announced a free emergency Telehealth service program in coordination Transparent Health Marketplace (THM), our technology partner for the Anthem Marketplace and with Kura MD, the leading provider of workers’ compensation Telehealth services.  The Kura MD platform gives workers’ compensation providers the means to deliver select healthcare services to injured workers through a secure, HIPAA compliant videoconference on a smart phone, tablet or computer.  As we have all been advised to limit our physical contact with others and are practicing social distancing, this Telehealth platform for physicians comes at an opportune time when more patients are seeking care in alternative ways. Telehealth will assist physicians in providing remote medical assessments, answers to medical questions, prescriptions and physical therapy sessions, and access to behavioral health services for injured workers.  The launch date for this service in California is March 31, 2020, and will expand to other Anthem Workers’ Compensation states soon.


To help providers, Anthem has negotiated with Kura MD to offer discounted provider access rates. Now until July 1, 2020, access to the KURA MD platform to render basic telehealth services will be free for a 60-day period from the time they complete their subscription, and providers can select optional additional services at a nominal cost.


Providers who are contracted and participate in the Anthem Workers’ Compensation Network, will be able to use the platform with any patient for any plan, network or Payor willing to participate improving access to medical care  for virtually everyone.


To subscribe to this emergency program, enroll at

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