Effective January 1, 2019, the Anthem PERS Select PPO (non-Medicare) plan has been redesigned to include a value-based insurance design. The changes in design aim to improve quality and lower costs associated with health care by emphasizing primary care and introducing cost incentives to lower deductibles.


Each member of the plan will be assigned a primary care physician from our PERS Select network. Members who use their primary care doctor for routine services will have a reduced copayment of $10. Members may choose a Select PPO primary care physician by updating their profile or calling customer service.:

Members can reduce their deductible through completion of the following activities annually at no additional cost:




Deductible Credit

Flu Shot

Members earn credit through getting a flu shot through their physician or pharmacy.


Non Smoking Certification

Members who attest to their non-smoking status through our health risk assessment and earn a credit.


If a member smokes they can complete a smoking cessation program to earn a credit.


Biometric Screening

Members who receive their annual preventative biometric screening will earn a deductible credit.


Virtual Second Opinion

Members who are considering an elective surgery may earn a deductible credit through seeking a second opinion prior to surgery using our virtual second opinion program or through a plan provider.


Condition Care Certification

Members who are eligible to participate in our condition care program focused will earn a deductible credit through engagement.


In addition, expecting Mothers will have their Inpatient covered in full when enrolled in the Anthem’s Future Moms program.


The 2019 PERS Select plan design continues to allow freedom of choice for Select PPO members, with the added benefit of lower copayments for office visits with the members’ primary care physician and lower deductible for engaging positively in their health.


For more information regarding the PERS Select PPO plan changes please visit www.anthem.com/ca/calpers.

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