Anthem Blue Cross is now offering the telemedicine service LiveHealth Online (LHO) for its Medi-Cal Managed Care (Medi-Cal) beneficiaries statewide. LHO is a mobile app and website ( that provides beneficiaries with a convenient way to have live video visits with board-certified doctors, psychologists or psychiatrists. This service is available through mobile devices or computers from anywhere for nonemergency health conditions.


Doctors using LHO are available 24/7, 365 days a year including holidays. Any Anthem member who is enrolled in Medi-Cal can access LHO simply downloading the mobile application and registering to access the tools, resources and information available. Live video doctor visits via LHO are an easy and convenient way to get quality medical care for common health conditions like coughs, colds, cuts, bruises, strains. LHO visits can also be used to get quality care for nonemergency behavioral health conditions. Prescriptions and/or prescription refills can be provided by board-certified doctors, if needed.


Doctors who have visits with patients via LHO can send prescriptions directly to a member’s pharmacy of choice, if needed. A summary of each visit is created and can be forwarded to the patient’s PCP with their permission. This valuable ability supports continuity of care and collaboration among providers.


While LHO is a valuable tool for our Medi-Cal members, patients should also understand the importance of their PCP-patient relationship, and they should make sure to follow up with their PCP after LHO visits. LHO is not intended to, nor can it, take the place of the patient’s PCP relationship and the services provided by their PCP.

Featured In:
January 2019 Anthem Blue Cross Provider Newsletter - California