As an Anthem Blue Cross (“Anthem”) participating provider, you may have received our prior correspondence, or read the articles in Provider News (formerly Network Update) on Anthem Cost Transparency. Transparency tools such as Anthem Care Comparison and others are available to members on  and allow members to estimate their out-of-pocket impact and view the estimated costs for many procedures


In our prior correspondence, we also enclosed a summary of the methodology used to generate the cost information housed in the National Consumer Cost Tool (NCCT), the source data used to display costs in Anthem Care Comparison.  The treatment categories for which costs are displayed and the methodology are defined by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. As indicated in the correspondence, BCBS Axis (formerly NCCT) cost data is updated twice annually; the most recent update completed in November 2019, and the next update scheduled for May 2020. Please look for more information in our provider newsletters posted to


As a reminder, Anthem provider costs are now available in a secure section of the Availity provider portal. Authorized representatives of participating facilities and professional practices can login to Availity at, and register to view the costs for their facility or practice. Costs will be made available to our participating providers no less than 30 days before they become available to our members on in the transparency tools such as Anthem Care Comparison.

Should you wish to review the methodology, you may request a copy by sending an e-mail request to the Anthem California contract support team at

Should you desire to provide an Internet Web site link on Anthem’s website where this cost information will be displayed, which provides a response to the cost information being displayed, please provide us this link within thirty (30) days of receiving the cost information from us.

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