Patient360 is a Longitudinal Patient Record (LPR) where you can access the complete view of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) information associated with an Anthem member.


You may have noticed that the Care Reminders tab on your Anthem patient’s Eligibility and Benefits return on Availity was recently removed. You can still retrieve these important patient gaps in care through Patient360.

You are required to have the Patient360 role assigned to you by your Availity administrator to see the Patient360 tab located at the top of the patient’s Eligibility and Benefits return. To access Patient360 select the tab and follow the steps to open the application.


If your patient does have a gap in care, you will see the red alert button on the top of Patient360 Member Care Summary. Details of the care gap can be found in the Active Alerts section.


Availity Eligibility and Benefits: Patient360 access

Patient360 Active Alerts located on the Member Care Summary

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