Medication adherence improves overall member health and reduces hospitalizations. According to the World Health Organization, “Increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.”1


Did you know?

  • Most medication-related ER visits and hospitalizations in the U.S. (up to 70%) are caused by nonadherence to medication.2
  • Studies show that 50 to 60% of patients are not taking their prescribed medications correctly or at all.3
  • Improved adherence can drive positive health and economic outcomes.
    • Patients’ adherence to statin medications at 12 months had improved LDL, reduced hospitalizations, and lower healthcare costs.4


Best practices for improving adherence

Support the implementation of medication nonadherence prevention strategies at each step of the medication use process:

  • Prescribe maintenance medications for diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension from the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) Medicare Advantage $0 copay list.
  • Encourage IngenioRx* Home Delivery to improve medication adherence, prevent refill gaps, avoid long waits at the pharmacy, and to reduce costs.
    • IngenioRx Home Delivery members have 2 to 3% higher adherence rates
    • E-prescribe, fax 800-378-0323, or phone-in prescriptions 833-203-1742
  • Enrolled nonadherent patients may benefit from a multi-dose packaging of medications. CVS pharmacy® SimpleDose™ and PillPack are preferred pharmacies that offer multi-dose packaging with free home delivery. To enroll, go to:
    • or call 800-753-0596. Members may also enroll at their local CVS pharmacy. Members residing in the District of Columbia, Georgia, or South Carolina should call 844-650-1637.
    • or call 866-282-9462.
  • Offer members the opportunity to use ZipDrug, which offers free access to high performing pharmacies that provide customized medication services, hand-delivered prescriptions, and increase medication adherence rates. Go to or call 844-947-3748.
    • Patients who take medications for diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension and enrolled in ZipDrug had a 4 to 10% increase in medication adherence rates.
  • Encourage digital solutions: Sydney app can help Anthem members manage their medications through:
    • Enrollment in ZipDrug
    • Home delivery set-up
    • Manage auto-refill and renew
    • Text message reminders on prescriptions


Want more information regarding all the recommended best practices?

Best practices for medication adherence are reviewed in this brief video



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* IngenioRx, Inc. is an independent company providing pharmacy benefit management services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.



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