Starting January 1, 2019, Anthem will be offering SmartShopper, a new program that lets members shop for cost-efficient health care. SmartShopper is a full-service incentive and engagement program where members can earn a cash reward, up to $500, when they shop online or by phone for better-value medical services.


How SmartShopper works:

  1. A member’s doctor recommends a medical service
  2. The member logs on to SmartShopper, or calls Anthem, to find lower-cost, high-quality options in their area
  3. The member has the procedure at the preferred location
  4. Once the procedure is complete and the claim is paid, a reward check is mailed to the member

makes it easier than ever for Anthem members to find cost-effective care with its high-tech digital platform and high-touch member services. For more info, check out this overview or visit

Featured In:
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