Did you know HealthKeepers, Inc. reviews quality of care (QOC) concerns? Our QOC team works with Anthem HealthKeepers Plus providers and members to uphold this initiative.


What does this mean to me?


When HealthKeepers, Inc. requests records for QOC reviews, they should be provided at no cost.


In order to ensure QOC reviews can be completed within 90 days, providers should respond to record requests within 30 days.


Our goals in working together include high-quality care for our members, strong relationships with our network providers and safety, which is our top priority.


Stay tuned for the latest QOC updates in the next newsletter.


How do I contact the QOC team?  


Mail:  Anthem HealthKeepers Plus

          2015 Staples Mill Road

          Mail Drop VA2002-N600

          Customer # 2013422

          Richmond, VA 23230


Fax: 1-855-273-6831


QOC manager: Dana DeLucia, dana.delucia@anthem.com



Featured In:
December 2018 Anthem Provider Newsletter - Virginia