As a reminder, please periodically log into Availity’s Provider Online Reporting tool to make sure you don’t miss any notifications placed for your review. Here is a recap of the tool and instructions on how to sign up and access your notifications.

In the June 2020 Provider News, we announced the release of Provider Contract and Fee Schedule Notifications via Availity – our secure, Web-based provider tool.  With this new automated process, when Anthem notifies you in writing of a statewide fee schedule update or provider contract amendment, you can log into Availity any time to securely access and download a digital copy of your amendment documents using the Provider Online Reporting tool in Availity.

Keep in mind that only authorized users in your practice or facility can view the confidential contract amendments using the reporting tool.  Your Availity administrator must grant access to the reporting tool if you do not currently have access.  For easy reference, we’re again including the information to help you get started with Provider Contract and Fee Schedule Notifications if needed.

Provider Online Reporting Reference Guide

How to get started

This document will familiarize you with the Provider Online Reporting (POR) application found on the Availity Portal.  Using our web-based POR application, you will be able to access your updated fee schedule.

  • For Availity Administrators – How to assign access
  • For Users – How to navigate to the reports


If your organization is not currently registered for the Availity Portal, go to and select Register to complete the online application.


Your Administrator will need to take the following steps to assign access to Provider Online Reporting:

  1. Assign the user role of Provider Online Reporting to your Availity access.
  2. Select Payer Spaces in the top menu bar and select payer tile that corresponds to the market.
  3. First-time users accessing Payer Spaces will be asked to accept a Terms of Use Agreement. The agreement will appear for users once every 365 days.
  4. On the Applications tab, select Provider Online Reporting.
  5. Select organization and select Submit.
  6. On the Welcome to Provider Online Reporting page, select Register/Maintain Organization.
  7. Select Register Tax ID(s) for the applicable program to register the tax IDs.
  8. A pop-up window will display all tax ID(s) that need to be registered for the program. Check the box for each tax ID to be registered and select Save.
  9. You now have successfully completed the tax ID registration. Notice after the registration has been completed, the status has changed from Register Tax ID(s) to Edit Tax ID(s).

Accessing reports

  1. Log in to
  2. Choose Payer Spaces in the top menu bar.
  3. Select the payer tile that corresponds to your market.
  4. Accept the User Agreement (once every 365 days).
  5. On the Applications tab, select Provider Online Reporting.
  6. Select organization and choose Submit.
  7. Select Report Search, choose the type of report, and then launch your program’s reporting application.

Provider Online Reporting1

Provider Online Reporting2


Report Search

Provider Online Reporting as favorite

  • For questions regarding the Availity Portal, please contact Availity Client Services at 1-800-282-4548.
  • If you have questions about POR, use the Contact Us section of the application.
  • For other questions, contact your local contract advisor, consultant or Provider Relations representative.


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