Recently, HealthKeepers, Inc. added new functionality to the Anthem HealthKeepers Plus provider enrollment tool on the Availity Portal* to further automate and improve your online enrollment experience. You can now use the online enrollment application for new groups and new solo professional providers applying for the Anthem HealthKeepers Plus network. 


When you use this efficient online tool to submit new provider information, a contract will be generated and sent back to you digitally for an electronic signature. This eliminates the need for paper applications or paper contracts. As a reminder, you can continue to access the new provider enrollment application on the Availity Portal to enroll additional providers under your existing group/practice participation agreement.


How the online enrollment application works


The system automatically accesses the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare, Inc. EnrollHub tool (EnrollHub) to pull in all updated information you’ve already included in your CAQH application. The CAQH information automatically populates the information we need to complete the enrollment process — including credentialing and loading your new provider to our database. Please ensure that your provider information on EnrollHub is updated and is in a complete or re-attested status. Availity’s online application will guide you throughout the enrollment process, providing status updates using a dashboard. As a result, you know where each provider is in the process without having to call or email for a status. 


Please note: For any changes to your practice profile and demographics, continue to use the new online Provider Maintenance Form to submit changes to your practice profile and demographics electronically. Availity administrators and assistant administrators can access the form on > Payer Spaces > Resources.


Accessing the provider enrollment application


Log on to the Availity Portal and select Payer Spaces > Anthem HealthKeepers Plus > Applications > Provider Enrollment to begin the enrollment process.


If your organization is not currently registered for the Availity Portal, the person in your organization designated as the Availity administrator should go to and select Register


For organizations already using the Availity Portal, your organization's Availity administrator should go to My Account Dashboard from the Availity home page to register new users and update or unlock accounts for existing users. Staff who need access to the provider enrollment tool need to be granted the role of provider enrollment. Availity administrators and user administrators will automatically be granted access to provider enrollment.


If you are using Availity today and need access to provider enrollment, please work with your organization’s administrator to update your Availity role. To determine who your administrator is, you can go to My Account Dashboard > My Administrators.


Need assistance with registering for the Availity Portal?


Contact Availity Client Services at 1-800-AVAILITY (1-800-282-4548).


If you have any other questions about this communication, call Provider Services at 1‑800‑901‑0020 or Anthem CCC Plus Provider Services at 1‑855‑323‑4687.



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