HealthKeepers, Inc. is pleased to introduce Edgepark®, a national distributor of medical supplies, which will be providing quality standard electric breast pumps to Anthem HeathKeepers Plus members.


What this means


Providers can refer Anthem HeathKeepers Plus members to Edgepark for standard electric breast pumps. Members can go online or call Edgepark to order a standard electric breast pump. As a provider, you can also complete the order form with your patient and fax it in. It is important to note that members with specific needs or concerns have other options. Their provider should be notified on these needs, and other pumps/models can be ordered.


Referrals to Edgepark


To place a breast pump order for a member, use the breast pump order form located on the provider website at:>Medical>Provider Forms>Electric, Nonhospital Grade Breast Pump Request Form and fax it in. The member can also call or go online to place her order:



  • Phone: 1-800-321-0591


  • Fax: 1-330-425-3355


Need additional copies of the order form?


Additional copies of the breast pump order form can be found on our provider website at under Medical: Provider Forms.


What if I need assistance?


If you have questions about this communication or need assistance with any other item, contact your local Provider Relations representative or call Provider Services at 1-800-901-0020.


Featured In:
August 2018 Anthem Provider Newsletter -- Virginia