As a reminder, Fee Schedule information is confidential and proprietary to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and affiliate HealthKeepers, Inc. in your Provider Agreement (the “Agreement”). The Agreement has general restrictions regarding disclosure of fee schedule and other confidential information. For example, neither Anthem nor the Provider may disclose confidential and proprietary information except:

1) As required by Regulatory Requirements;

2) Upon the express written consent of the parties;

3) As required to perform the obligations of the Agreement; or

4) As required to deliver Health Services or administer a Health Benefit Plan.


Please refer to your specific Agreement for a complete list of disclosure restrictions.  Anthem provider agreements allow the disclosure of confidential information, including Fee Schedule information, to specified third-parties (such as consultants, lenders, legal advisors, and business advisors) as long as those parties keep the information confidential.   Be aware that if you retain a third party and disclose Anthem’s confidential information to them as permitted, and that third party fails to keep Anthem’s information confidential, you may be held responsible for the confidentiality breach.


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