Laboratory Corporation of America® (LabCorp) is the exclusive clinical reference laboratory provider for HealthKeepers, Inc. LabCorp offers a full range of diagnostic and preventive testing options, including non-invasive colorectal cancer screening tests. For members enrolled in health plans offered by HealthKeepers, Inc., physicians should refer all lab services – including preventive healthcare lab services – to LabCorp. By doing so, members are assured of having the highest benefit level and minimum out-of-pocket expense.


Laboratory specimens can be collected in the office with LabCorp courier pick-up available throughout Virginia. Members may also bring a LabCorp requisition form (completed by their physician) to any of the more than 50 LabCorp patient service center locations throughout Virginia.


For more on LabCorp's patient service center locations, visit


If you have questions about LabCorp services, need to set-up a LabCorp account, order supplies, or schedule a pick-up, please call LabCorp at 800-762-0890.


For clarification purposes, other lab providers offering non-invasive colorectal cancer screening tests such as Exact Sciences are not participating with HealthKeepers, Inc.


If you have questions about our provider network or coverage for your patients, please contact the phone number on the back of the member’s ID card or your local Anthem network manager.



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