Please continue to check Important Medicare Advantage Updates for the latest Medicare Advantage information, including:


Modifier use reminders

 ABSCRNU-0127-20        509409MUPENMUB


2020 affirmative statement concerning utilization management decisions

ABSCRNU-0138-20       509491MUPENMUB


New behavioral health discharge call-in line

ABSCRNU-0142-20       509390MUPENMUB


Medical Policies and Clinical Utilization Management Guidelines update

 ABSCRNU-0143-20      509763MUPENMUB


Updates to AIM Specialty Health advanced imaging Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines

 ABSCRNU-0148-20     509893MUPENMUB


Transition to AIM Rehabilitative Services Clinical Appropriateness Guidelines

 ABSCRNU-0152-20     509884MUPENMUB



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