Later this month, on August 15, 2020, you can begin using Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR) to request and check the status of medical and behavioral health inpatient and outpatient authorizations for members enrolled in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan (commonly referred to as the Federal Employee Program® or FEP).


  • You will be able to view FEP historical cases submitted through Point of Care prior to August 15, 2020, through ICR and Point of Care.


  • Updates to existing FEP cases will continue through Point of Care until September 30, 2020.  If there are any services past September 30, 2020, those will be transitioned and can be updated through ICR.


Next month, we are targeting September 12 to launch ICR to request new authorizations for our members enrolled in Anthem’s Commercial lines of business. (This includes Commercial plans offered by our affiliate, HealthKeepers, Inc.) Look for additional details in upcoming communications, as we begin to make this transition from Point of Care to ICR.


ICR is currently available to request prior authorizations for your patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Anthem HealthKeepers Plus (Medicaid).


Once fully launched, Interactive Care Reviewer will be your exclusive self-service online authorization tool for all new medical and behavioral health prior authorization requests. Using one application for your patients enrolled in all Anthem plans will further streamline your authorization workflow process.


Access ICR through the Availity Portal


Be prepared early and ask your Availity administrator to grant you the required ICR role assignment now.


Do you create and submit prior authorization requests?

Authorization and Referral Request role assignment


Do you check the status of the case or results of the authorization request?

Authorization and Referral Inquiry role assignment


Beginning August 15, follow these steps to navigate to ICR through Availity to request and check the status of prior authorizations for FEP members

  • Select Patient Registration from Availity’s home page

  • Select Authorizations & Referrals

  • Select Authorizations (for requests) | Select Auth/Referral Inquiry (for inquiries)


Register for our August ICR webinar


We offer training every month to familiarize new users with ICR features and navigation of the tool. Our next webinar is taking place on August 18.  Register Here


Additional ICR resources are available through the Custom Learning Center


Follow the steps outlined below to access self-paced videos located on the Custom Learning Center. From Availity’s home page, select Payer Spaces | Anthem tile | Applications | Custom Learning Center


  • Select Catalog from the menu located on the upper left corner of the Custom Learning Center screen.


  • Use the catalog filter and select Interactive Care Reviewer-Online Authorizations or Authorizations from the Category


  • Click Apply then enroll for the courses (videos) you want to view.


Illustrated reference guides that you can print are located on Custom Learning Center Resources. Select Resources from the menu located on the upper left corner of the screen.  Use the catalog filter and select Authorizations or Interactive Care Reviewer-Online Authorizations from the Category menu. Select Download to view and/or print the reference guide.           




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