Allowances for dental anesthesia services are reimbursed at a flat rate for the codes/units billed. We do not use a time-based calculation to determine allowances for dental anesthesia services, such as D9222 and D9223.


When billing dental anesthesia services, please:



Submit the initial 15 minutes of anesthesia services provided using the appropriate Common Dental Terminology (CDT®) code:


    • D9222 for deep sedation/general anesthesia, initial 15 minutes


Submit subsequent 15-minute increments of anesthesia services provided (after the initial 15 minutes) using the appropriate CDT code:


    • D9223 for deep sedation/general anesthesia, each subsequent 15-minute increment


 Dental anesthesia claim submission tips


  • D9222 should only be submitted once per claim and for only 1 unit of service.


  • D9223 should be submitted on a single bill line, please include the number of units of that code within the Units field.


  • You should not provide anesthesia start to stop time or total number of minutes that anesthesia was provided on your dental anesthesia claim submissions.



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