In our company’s ongoing efforts to streamline and simplify our payment recovery process, we continue to consolidate our internal systems and will begin transitioning our National Accounts membership to a central system in 2019. While this is not a new process, we are transitioning the National Accounts membership to align with the payment recovery process across our other lines of business.

Currently, our recovery process for National Accounts membership is reflected in the EDI PLB segment on the electronic remittance advice (835).  This segment will show the negative balance associated with the member account number.  Monetary amounts are displayed at the time of the recovery adjustment.


As National Accounts membership transitions to the new system and claims are adjusted for recovery, the negative balances due to recovery are held for 49 days to allow ample time for you to review the requests, dispute the requests and/or send in a check payment. During this time, the negative balances due are reflected on paper remits only within the “Deferred Negative Balance” sections. 


After 49 days, the negative balances due are reflected within the 835 as a corrected and reversed claim in PLB segments. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the E- Solutions Service Desk toll free at (800) 470-9630.


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