Please note, this communication applies to Anthem HealthKeepers Plus, Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (Anthem CCC Plus) offered by HealthKeepers, Inc.


HealthKeepers, Inc. has received approval from the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) to adjust previously billed and adjudicated claims for eligible services associated with the 12.5% rate increase effective July 1, 2021.


Additional information related to consumer directed (CD) services will be communicated by our vendor, Public Partnerships, LLC (PPL).* HealthKeepers, Inc. is working with PPL to disburse additional payments to attendants, and we expect completion no later than March 31, 2022.


For all other eligible services, claims reprocessing will occur on or before March 31, 2022.


There is no need to dispute claims related to this issue; no action is needed at this time.


We appreciate your partnership in serving our members.


If you have any questions about this communication, call Anthem CCC Plus Provider Services at 855‑323‑4687.


* Public Partnerships, LLC is an independent company providing long term services and supports services on behalf of HealthKeepers, Inc.



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