Blue High Performance Network plans offer access to providers with a record of delivering high-quality, efficient care. BlueHPN® networks first went live January 1, 2021, in more than 50 cities across the country, including the Richmond and Washington, D.C-Arlington-Alexandria metro areas. Since then, our national customer base has grown, and again this fall, major employers will offer plans with access to our high performance network for the 2022 benefit year.

Member ID cards and other plan material will feature one small change for 2022: BlueHPN is now a single word rather than two.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers Virginia national employers BlueHPN plans, and offers large and small group employers in Virginia plans with access to the HPN, referred to as the Blue Connection network.

Updated BlueHPN participation will be displayed in provider profiles in our Find Care provider directory January 1, 2021.

As has been the case this year, in 2022 you may see patients accessing this network through either a national employer plan, BlueHPN, or large or small group employer Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans and health savings account (HSA) plans with EPO network. Under EPO plans, out-of-network benefits are limited to emergency or urgent care. Members may be required to select a primary care provider (PCP), but PCP referrals are not required for specialty care.

Large group BlueHPN health plans sold in Virginia will have a plan prefix of “H8V” and small group plans prefixes will include “H9V” and “H5V.”  Keep in mind that other prefixes may be part of HPN plan member IDs. The new “Blue High Performance Network” logo and “BlueHPN” indicator in the suitcase icon are the most reliable indicators that a member is enrolled in a HPN plan.

Below is a sample ID card for a Virginia member enrolled in a large group BlueHPN plan. Please note the new “Blue High Performance Network” logo and “BlueHPN” indicator in the suitcase icon.

Virginia BlueHPN ID card

The above SAMPLE Virginia ID card is for illustration purposes only.



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