In the August 2018 edition of our provider newsletter, we announced upcoming Web design changes in our ongoing efforts to make it easier for providers to access important information needed in order to do business with us.  We are making these changes to our Communications page of the Virginia section of the provider website for our primary communications vehicles – our provider newsletter and provider email notices. 

Watch for our upcoming October provider newsletter that will be in the new design format as well.  With the new design, articles will indicate publication type (provider newsletter or eUPDATE) and date.  Articles will be grouped in four categories:

  1. Administrative
  2. Guideline Updates (Includes Coverage and Clinical Guidelines and Reimbursement notices)
  3. Products and Programs (Includes Behavioral Health and Pharmacy notices)
  4. State and Federal (Includes notices about the Federal Employee Program, Medicaid and Medicare)

You'll be able to search for information on a topic using the publication type, date range, categories or key words.  We hope you find these changes helpful, as we continue to work to streamline our business processes.



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