Continuing our 2019 CRA updates, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and affiliate HealthKeepers, Inc. request your assistance with respect to accurately reporting our members’ health status to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.


2019 Retrospective Chart Request


Retrospective medical chart collection begins in November, and it is the most significant and largest volume of our requests.  We appreciate your collaboration as we work through the requests and submit to your medical records department in a timely manner.


Electronic options for chart collections


We have four electronic options for chart collections from which to choose:


  1. Remote/direct Anthem access;


  1. Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Interoperability with four EMR systems;


  1. Inovalon virtual visit or onsite;


  1. Secure FTP.


Submitting medical charts can be time consuming for your staff.  Using an electronic option can alleviate the constraints on your staff’s resources and time. 


The most efficient electronic option is to allow the Anthem medical coder team to have direct connection access to your EMR system (Option 1), so that we may retrieve the records ourselves.  Our team has collaborated with several providers and facilities to have direct access to their EMR systems to collect the charts.  This allows for no vendor interventions and fewer handoffs of the records.  To address compliance concerns, please note that as a health plan, Anthem is a covered entity under the HIPAA Privacy Rule and is bound to protect PHI. 


If you are interested in any of these electronic options, or you would like to grant Anthem medical coders direct access to your EMR system, please contact our Commercial Risk Adjustment Representative who supports Virginia:  Alicia Estrada at

Thank you for your continued efforts with our CRA Program and your help in expediting chart collection requests.

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