Previously, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield shared information about the authorization process for home sleep testing.  Once again, we are including a reminder about the process in this edition of Provider News.  The authorization process for home sleep testing (HST) with NovaSom is designed to be simple for ordering physicians. NovaSom is a network participating provider of home sleep testing equipment and interpretation. 


Anthem delegates the management of sleep testing and treatment services to AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) on our behalf. To request an authorization for HST with NovaSom, just contact AIM via Availity (see below), or toll free at the numbers noted below:


  • Anthem Medicare and Medicaid: 1-800-714-0040 (weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST), or


  • Anthem Commercial Business: 1-866-789-0158 (weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST).


If your authorization request is approved, an order is automatically sent to NovaSom for you. There is no need to contact or fax an order form to NovaSom on your patient’s behalf.


Home sleep testing with NovaSom


Anthem members suspected of having noncomplicated obstructive sleep apnea have the ability to test at home using NovaSom’s AccuSom® wireless HST device. AccuSom wireless sleep studies are performed in the patient’s home and self-administered, which may be more comfortable and reflective of typical sleep behaviors than those provided in a lab.


NovaSom provides telephonic clinical support. All data is wirelessly transmitted from the AccuSom sleep testing device to the NovaSom secure portal during the test process. Data is reviewed by sleep technicians to help promote quality.  Daily clinical telephonic support is provided to coach the patient throughout the testing process. Once the study is complete, a board-certified sleep physician interprets the study and provides a report with treatment recommendations. The goal is to provide reports within 48 hours of study completion to the ordering practitioner.


Please note that this notice impacts claims for members enrolled in our Anthem PPO, Anthem HealthKeepers, Anthem HealthKeepers Plus (Medicaid), Commonwealth Coordinated Care Plus (Anthem CCC Plus), and Anthem Medicare Advantage health benefit plans.  If you have any questions about NovaSom or the authorization process, please contact your local Anthem network manager.


Accessing AIM via Availity


You can view AIM information using one of Anthem’s Web-based provider tools – Availity. Just navigate to the AIM Specialty Health site via the Availity portal at Once logged into Availity, you can access the AIM Specialty Health link under Auths and Referrals on the left navigation menu of the Availity portal.


In addition, you may choose to use AIM’s provider portal at in place of Availty.

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