You play an influential role in helping young patients overcome nicotine addiction early, and we can help you make an even bigger impact.


During tobacco-use assessments with young patients, inform those who are Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) members that they have access to a free vaping cessation program.


Anthem is working with This is Quitting by Truth Initiative®. This is Quitting is a free and confidential text-message based program specifically designed to help teens and young adults (ages 13 to 24) quit vaping. This program is an excellent resource helping patients quit for good and see a future without nicotine.


Have your patients text VAPEOUTOH to 88709 to sign up. Once they text back their age, they will start receiving messages.


The program is:

  • Free to each user.
  • Completely anonymous – no data about any one user is shared.
  • Entirely automated and text-message based.
  • Peer-to-peer:
    • Many messages are skills or coping tools shared from other This is Quitting users to help a participant know they’re not alone.
  • Interactive and inquisitive to get to know the user better.
  • Supportive, like texting with a friend who is helping them quit.
  • Tailored based on age and device used.


Young people tend to prefer discretion when it comes to quitting vaping or letting others know they have been vaping at all. If possible, try to have these discussions in private, away from a parent.

* Truth Initiative is an independent company providing vaping cessation programs to members on behalf Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.


Featured In:
January 2023 Anthem Provider News - Ohio