Locating a case using Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR), Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) digital authorization tool just got easier. We added the ICR Case Search tab within the tool so you can find cases submitted through ICR. Cases submitted through both ICR and other sources can still be located using the other search options: Member, Date Range, Reference/Authorization Request Number or Discharge Date.


The steps to access ICR through the Availity Portal have not changed. You are required to have the Authorization & Referral Request role or the Authorization & Referral Inquiry role. Your organization’s Availity administrator can assign these roles.

  1. Log onto Availity’s home page with your unique user ID and password
  2. Select Patient Registration
  3. Select Authorizations & Referrals
  4. Select Authorization Inquiry
  5. Choose the Payer and Organization
  6. Accept the ICR Disclaimer
  7. Select Check Case Status from the ICR navigation bar


Here is what’s new:

The ICR Inquiry dashboard displays the new ICR Case Search tab. This new option is currently available for users who have the Authorization & Referral Request role. Users with the Authorization & Referral Inquiry role will be able to access the ICR Case Search tab in mid-July. Until then, the additional search options are available.


To locate a case submitted through ICR, select the ICR Case Search tab then choose the criteria to complete your search.


Use the additional search options to find cases submitted through both ICR and other sources.


Register for our monthly new user ICR webinar to learn about basic navigation and features: ICR Webinar Registration


Or you can visit the Custom Learning Center located on Availity Payer Spaces to access ICR navigation demonstrations and reference guides.



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