Blue High Performance Network® (BlueHPN) plans offer access to providers with a record of delivering high-quality, efficient care.


BlueHPN networks launched in 2021 in more than 50 cities and states, including in the Cincinnati, Cleveland-Elyria, and Columbus, Ohio metro areas. The local provider network that supports BlueHPN plans in Ohio is called the Blue Connection network.


Effective January 1, 2023, the local Blue Connection high performance provider network will be expanded to include select providers in the Dayton, Ohio metropolitan area.


BlueHPN is a national network designed from our local market expertise, deep data analytics on cost and quality performance, and strong provider relationships. BlueHPN is aligned with local high‑performance networks across the country. These local networks are then connected to the national chassis to form a national BlueHPN network. Employees of large, national-scale companies across the country have the option to choose a plan with the BlueHPN as their provider network.


The products that access the Blue HPN network include small group, large group, or national account plans. These will be HMO plans or HSA plans with an HMO network. Under these plans, out‑of‑network benefits are limited to emergency or urgent care. Members may be required to select a primary care provider, but PCP referrals are not required for specialty care.



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