In the October 2018 issue of our provider newsletter in the article titled ‘Clinical guideline updates are available on’, we advised that the following guidelines previously unadopted would become effective January 1, 2019. Recently, a decision was made that these guidelines will not become effective in January, and will remain unadopted.  


  • CG-DME-09 - Continuous Local Delivery of Analgesia to Operative Sites using and Elastromeric Infusion Pump during the Post-operative Period
  • CG-DME-13 - Lower Limb Prosthesis
  • CG-DME-21 - External Infusion Pumps for the Administration of Drugs in the Home or Residential Care Settings
  • CG-OR-PR-04 - Cranial Remodeling Bands and Helmets (Cranial Orthotics)
  • CG- REHAB-02 - Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

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January 2019 Anthem New Hampshire Provider Newsletter