As we communicated in the August 2020 edition of Provider News, AIM Specialty Health® (AIM), a specialty health benefits company, will expand the AIM Musculoskeletal program to perform medical necessity reviews for certain elective surgeries of the small joints for Anthem members effective November 1, 2020.  Replacement and revision surgeries for procedures such as total joint of ankle, correction of hallux valgus, and hammertoe repair are included. 


The AIM Musculoskeletal program follows Anthem Clinical Guidelines that state the services must be delivered by a qualified provider within the scope of their licensure. Qualified providers acting within the scope of their license, including podiatrists, who intend to perform certain elective surgeries of the small joints procedures should request prior-authorization for those services through AIM. 


AIM will begin accepting prior authorization requests on October 26, 2020 for dates of service on and after November 1, 2020. Prior authorization requests may be submitted via the AIM ProviderPortal or by calling 866-714-1107, Monday through Friday.


We invite you to take advantage of upcoming training sessions that will introduce you to the program and the robust capabilities of the AIM ProviderPortalSM. You can register for the one hour training sessions using the links below: 



We value your participation in our network and look forward to working with you to help improve the health of our members.



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