A key goal in our provider transparency initiative is to improve quality while managing health care costs. One of the ways we do that is by offering value-based programs including Freestanding Patient Centered Care (FPCC), Medicare Advantage Enhanced Personal Health Care Essentials, and so on (known as the Programs).

Value-based program providers (also known as payment innovation providers) in our programs receive quality, utilization and/or cost data, reports, and information about the health care providers (referral providers) to whom the providers may refer their Anthem and AMH Health, LLC patients. If a referral provider is higher quality and/or lower cost, this component of the Programs should result in the provider receiving more referrals from value-based program providers. The converse should be true if referral providers are lower quality and/or higher cost.


Providing this type of data to value-based program providers (including comparative cost information) helps them make more informed decisions about managing health care costs, maintain/improve quality of care and succeed under the terms of the Programs.


Additionally, employers and group health plans (or their representative/vendors) may also be given data about value-based program providers or referral providers to better understand how their health care dollars are being spent and how their health benefits plans are being administered. This will give them the opportunity to educate their employees and plan members about the benefits of using higher quality and/or lower cost health care providers.


Upon request, Anthem and AMH Health will share the data used to make these quality/cost/utilization evaluations and will discuss it with referral providers, including any opportunities for improvement.


If you have questions or need support, contact the Provider Call Center.




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