Effective August 1, 2020, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and AMH Health, LLC will use the new acute viral illness guidelines that have been added to the 24th edition of the MCG Care Guidelines. Based on the presenting symptoms or required interventions driving the need for treatment or hospitalization, these guidelines are not a substantive or material change to the existing MCG Care Guidelines we use now, such as systemic or infectious condition, pulmonary disease, or adult or pediatric pneumonia guidelines.


Inpatient Surgical Care (ISC):

Viral Illness, Acute — Inpatient Adult (M-280)

Viral Illness, Acute — Inpatient Pediatric (P-280)

Viral Illness, Acute — Observation Care (OC-064)


Recovery Facility Care (RFC):

Viral Illness, Acute — Recovery Facility Care (M-5280)



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