Please be sure to ask all of your patients to present their current ID card. In addition to the changes that occurred in 2020, there are additional changes for January 2021 where some of our members will receive ID cards with new prefixes. New ID cards will be provided digitally or mailed to all affected members.


It is important that providers are verifying member eligibility and benefits using the new ID card.  This can be done using or by calling the Provider Service phone numbers below:


New Alpha Prefixes Effective 1/1/2021


Provider Call Center


NH Access Blue New England



NH HMO Blue New England (and Choice tiered)



ME HMO Tiered Options ABF



NH – New Hampshire

ME – Maine


In addition, to help ensure claims are processed appropriately, here is some helpful information.

Tips for success:

  • When Anthem members arrive at your office or facility, ask to see their current member identification card at each visit. Many of our members no longer receive a paper card so they will present you with their digital card on their mobile device. Doing so will help you:
    • Identify the member’s product
    • Obtain health plan contact information
    • Speed claims processing

Note: Claims submitted with an incorrect ID number may not be processed and will be returned for correction and resubmission with the correct ID.  


  • When you contact a member about a claim returned for an invalid ID, and they do not recall receiving a new ID card or they misplaced their ID card, please ask the member to confirm their member ID using one of the following options:
    • Log in to their member account on
    • Use our mobile app called Sydney (formerly Anthem Anywhere) to access their electronic ID card
    • Fax or email their most current card from or the mobile APP to your office if needed
    • Call their member services number



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