We continue to make it easier and more convenient to become an Anthem participating provider. The Digital Provider Enrollment application has been designed to speed up the enrollment process, allow providers to submit data at one time, and obtain real-time updates on the status of an application.


Access to the new application for non-credentialed providers is available through Availity, our secure web-based provider portal.  Enrollment of non-credentialed providers through Availity will be required as of April 1, 2021.


Providers can enroll through Availity today for both credentialed and non-credentialed providers.  New and current Availity users should ensure their user ID has the correct access. Please ensure that you have been assigned to Provider Enrollment.


Digital provider enrollment offers many benefits:


  • Supports enrollment of professional providers, whose organizations do not have a credentialing delegation agreement with us.
  • New individual providers or groups can request a contract.
  • Existing groups can add providers to their existing contract.
  • Providers can check the status of an application in real-time using the enrollment dashboard.


To use the new Digital Enrollment application, please ensure your provider data on CAQH is current and in a complete or re-attested status for providers requiring credentialing, then log into Availity and use the following navigation: Choose your state > Payer Spaces > Provider Enrollment.



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