What is telehealth?

Telehealth is a confidential, interactive service that occurs between the patient and a provider at a remote location. Patients can see a provider through real-time Skype technology using their computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows the patient to get the care they need, when they need it, without going to an actual provider’s office. Telehealth is viewed as a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional face-to-face consultations or examinations between the patient and the provider.

In New Hampshire, telehealth includes the use of audio & video, audio-only telephone, or other electronic media for the purpose of diagnosis, consultation, or treatment, but does not include the use of facsimile.


Did you know? 

Patients can receive convenient and confidential behavioral health and medical visits virtually - in the comfort of their own home, at work, or any location. Patients can see a provider through real-time HIPAA compliant technology using their computer, tablet or smartphone.


While not all services are treatable via this process, some common conditions that can be treated are non-life threatening conditions, allergies, headache, sore throat, anxiety, stress, and counseling on trauma, depression or loss. 

Telehealth services are covered and reimbursed the same as health care services provided in person.


Want more information and directions on how to report these services? 

Please refer to Anthem’s Telehealth Services Reimbursement Policy located on our website.   


What happens if your practice does not offer telehealth services?

Refer your patients to LiveHealth Online. LiveHealth Online provides private online visits with a medical doctor or a behavioral health psychologist or therapist. This option allows patients to have easy and convenient access to providers in the comfort of their own home.


For more information on LiveHealth Online, visit www.livehealthonline.com.



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