Effective November 1, 2019, Western Pathology Consultants became a non-participating provider with Anthem.  This is a reminder to ensure that you are referring Anthem members to participating labs. LabCorp is our preferred lab provider and offers a Single Source Solution to your testing needs.  The relationship with LabCorp does not affect network hospital-based lab service providers, contracted pathologists, or contracted independent laboratories.  Physicians may continue to refer to all participating providers as they have in the past.


Not only does your Anthem agreement obligate you to refer to participating labs where available, but members will only receive their full benefits from participating providers.  As a result, referring your patient and our member to a non-participating lab may expose them to a greater financial responsibility.  


For a listing of Anthem participating laboratories, please check our online directory. Go to anthem.com.  Select Providers.  Under the Provider Resources heading, select Find a Doctor[Select Nevada as your state if you have not done so already]. 


Note:  When searching for laboratory, pathology, or radiology services, under the field “I am looking for a:” select Lab/Pathology/Radiology; and then under the field “Who specializes in:”, select Laboratories, Pathology, or Radiology as appropriate for your inquiry.

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