We previously communicated in the Commercial March 2019 Provider Newsletter the launch of the new claim payment dispute tool on the Availity portal as of March 18, 2019. We are temporarily retracting the use of this new functionality for Nevada Providers for Commercial claims only.  Providers should utilize one of the following options to dispute Commercial claims effective April 5, 2019:



Providers will still be able to view the status of any claim disputes submitted via Availity through the Appeals work list.  Access your Appeals work list from Claims & Payment, then select Appeals.  You will just not be able to initiate any new claim payment disputes past April 5, 2019 after 5 p.m. PT.


Please note: The new claim payment dispute functionality on Availity will continue to be available for use for Medicare and Medicaid claims and we encourage you to continue to utilize Availity.


We apologize for the retraction of this tool for Commercial claims and will communicate when the functionality will be rolled out at a future date.  

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Update: Temporarily retracting roll out of Availity Claim Payment dispute tool for Commercial claims - Nevada