You can now search, review, and download a copy of the remittance advice from* when there is not an associated payment. For remittance advice with payment, you can continue to search with the check or electronic funds transfer (EFT) number.


Images reflecting current check numbering:


Paper remittance

Electronic remittance advice (ERA/835)

What has changed?

  1. Non-payment number display in the Check Number and Check/EFT Number fields:
    • Prior to enhancement — There were two sets of numbers for the same remittance advice. The paper remittance displayed 10 bytes (9999999999 or 99########) and the corresponding 835 (ERA) displayed 27 bytes (9999999999 — [year] #############).
    • Enhancement — The updated numbering sequence for the paper remittance and corresponding 835 (ERA) now contain the same 10-digit number beginning with 9 (9XXXXXXXXX). Each non-payment remittance issued will be assigned a unique number.


  1. Searching for non-payment remittance:
    • Prior to enhancement — When using Remit Inquiry to locate paper remittance, the search field required a date range and tax ID to search for a specific remittance because the same number (10 bytes (9999999999) was being used for every non-payment remittance.
    • Enhancement — When the unique ERA non-payment remittance number is applied, it can be entered in the check number field in Remit Inquirymaking it easier to find a specific remittance.


You will continue to receive remittances and payments as you always have. These enhancements will make it easier for you to find and reconcile non-pay remittances. These changes do not impact previously issued non-payment remittance advice.




Featured In:
December 2021 Anthem Provider News - Nevada