The Interactive Care Reviewer (ICR)* tool offers a streamlined process to request inpatient and outpatient procedures as well as locate information on previously submitted requests for Anthem members via the Availity Portal.


The ICR tool provides many benefits including fax reduction, authorization determination and a comprehensive view of all your authorization requests. In addition to these benefits, the ICR tool has recently completed some enhancements to improve convenience and efficiency.


Enhancements to the ICR tool include:

  • Increase in saved Favorites: The number of favorites that can be saved increased to 25 for all provider types including requesting, servicing, facility DME, and refer to providers.


  • Changes to ICR Dashboard tabs: The Authorization Referral Inquiry tab at the top of the dashboard changed to Check Case Status tab. The Search Organization Requests changed to Search Submitted Requests.

Check Case Status: The ability to view any cases submitted that are associated with the tax IDs on the request. This includes submission by phone, fax, and etc.


Search Submitted Requests: The ability to search for any ICR case requested by your organization or a request that your organization is associated with. This includes requests with a status of review not required.


  • Changes to Check Case Status tab: The Search by Reference Referral Number changed to Search by Reference/Authorization Request Number.


Search by Reference Authorization Request Number: The ability to search by reference request number or authorization request number and a tax ID associated with the case.


To learn more about the ICR tool:

  • Attend one of the monthly ICR webinars by registering HERE.


*Note: ICR is not currently available for Federal Employee Program® (FEP), BlueCard®, and some National Account members; requests involving transplant services; or services administered by AIM Specialty Health® or OrthoNet. For these requests, follow the same authorization process that you use today.

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