We are requesting your support to improve health data interoperability and data quality by participating in our state certified health information exchange, HealtHIE Nevada.* Our recent experience during this pandemic has shown that improving how we share patient and member clinical data is critical to our collective success. It is imperative to us that HealtHIE Nevada is a service we should all use to accomplish this.


Participation with HealtHIE Nevada will:

  • Strengthen collaboration amongst payers, hospitals, providers, state public health agencies, and HealtHIE Nevada.
  • Provide up-to-date patient information available at the time of care delivery and immediately afterwards.
  • Become the source of truth for quality data that drives patient safety and improved quality outcomes.
  • Help align performance expectations among providers and payers.
  • Make it easier for providers to submit data and obtain accurate, on time evaluation of clinical performance.
  • Reduce office burden for both payers and providers by eliminating or dramatically reducing manual data capture.
  • Improve data collection that will allow reporting of quality measures and drivers of cost reduction.
  • Allow managed care organizations (MCO) nurses to work to their license, helping providers improve workflow related to clinical care and capturing quality measures.
  • Enhance end user experience with HealtHIE Nevada for both providers and payers.
  • Improve quality scores across providers, payers, and the State of Nevada Medicaid division.
  • Improve Nevada Health Outcomes for all Nevada locals by reducing morbidity and mortality rates.

Participation in HealtHIE Nevada is provided as a patient centered public service that benefits all participants. Please contact Chuck Dorman, Director of Outreach, at to complete an interest form, and he will reach out to you to provide additional information on how HealtHIE Nevada can support your organization.


* HealthHIE Nevada is an independent company providing information exchange services on behalf of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Solutions.



Featured In:
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