Please join us for one of our upcoming provider seminars in Nevada. The sessions include important information about doing business with us, and updates since our last series of seminars. Topics include: Network News and Updates, Product overview for 2019, Medicaid Updates, Commercial Risk Adjustment program overview, Member ID card changes, New Provider newsletter/communication template, Provider website enhancements, Availity Portal enhancements, plus more!

For dates and times, see our Provider Seminar Invitation.

Online registration that’s quick and easy!

Our registration process is available online for both our “In-person” meetings, as well as “webinars”. 

NOTE: The content covered in the Provider Seminars and Webinars is the same, but we split the webinars into two content parts to make the online learning experience a little easier and shorter length. 


The online registration includes automated acknowledgement of your registration, an appointment to add to your calendar, and reminder notifications.  If you do not have access to the internet to register, you may email your information to us as indicated on the bottom of the Provider Seminar Invitation.  If you can’t attend but have questions about any of the information we’ll cover, please contact our Nevada Provider Relations team. 


Go to Select Providers, then Providers Overview.  Select Find Resources for Your State, and pick Nevada.  From the Provider Home page, under the Communications and Updates heading, select the Provider Seminars link.  Next, under the Fall 2018 Provider Seminars heading, select the link titled “Fall 2018 Provider Seminar Invitation – online registration form”, select either “IN-PERSON” or “WEBINARS”. 

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