On January 1, 2019, a change to CPT codes for Psychological and Neuropsychological test administration and evaluation services was released. The new codes did not crosswalk on a one-to-one basis with the deleted codes.


The coding changes separated test administration from test evaluation, psychological testing from neuropsychological testing, and defined the testing performed by a professional or technician. The new codes were as follows:


Neurobehavioral status exams are clinical interview examinations performed by a psychologist or neuropsychologist to assess thinking, reasoning and judgment. Providers should continue to use CPT code 96116 when billing for the first hour and new code 96121 when billing for each additional hour.


Testing evaluation services include the selection of the appropriate tests to be administered; integration of patient data; interpretation of standardized test results and clinical data; clinical decision-making; treatment planning; and reporting and interactive feedback to the patient, family members, or caregivers, when performed. Providers should now use CPT code 96130 to bill for the first hour of psychological testing evaluation services and 96131 for each additional hour. Neuropsychological evaluation services should now be billed using CPT code 96132 for the first hour and 96133 for each additional hour.


Test administration and scoring by a psychologist or neuropsychologist (two or more tests using any method) should now be billed using CPT code 96136 for the first 30 minutes and 96137 for each additional 30 minutes.


Test administration and scoring by a technician (two or more tests using any method) should now be billed using CPT code 96138 for the first 30 minutes and 96139 for each additional 30 minutes. 


Single automated test administration should be reported with newly created code 96146 for a single automated psychological or neuropsychological instrument that is administered via electronic platform and formulates an automated result. Psychologists should not use this code if two or more electronic tests are administered and/or if administration is performed by the professional or technician. Instead, the psychologist should use the appropriate codes listed above for test administration and scoring.


Screening and risk assessment (repetitive assessment after screening) include brief emotional/behavioral assessment with scoring and documentation, per standardized instrument, should now be billed using CPT code 96127 separately from testing.



References: www.apa.org

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