Last August we announced that we had a new look and feel to our Provider newsletter.  In an effort to help make communications from Anthem even more effective and concise, we are looking to change how we distribute our monthly newsletter and notices of material change to contract.

Historically, you have received two emails from Anthem on the first of each month which have been titled:


  • [Month] [Year] Anthem Provider Newsletter - Nevada
    • This has been our publication which includes our monthly Provider Newsletter.

  • [Month] [Year] Anthem Important Updates - Nevada
    • This has been our publication which includes our Notices of Material Change to Contract, or Material Adverse Changes (MAC), which are links to communications that are in a letter format vs a separate article within the publication.


Starting in July, you will receive one email on the first of the month instead of two as we combined this information into one publication.  The new title of this combined publication will be as follows:


  • [Month] [Year] Anthem Provider News and Important Updates - Nevada


Since we are combining these publications, we are also adding some additional identifiers to help you easily identify the MAC notifications which we have previously sent under the “Anthem Important Updates” publication.  Starting in July you will now see the MAC articles with the following indicators:


  • (MAC)” at the end of the article title
  • Material Adverse Change (MAC)” under the article title


These new enhancements will improve the functionality and search features that are part of our electronic Provider News tool, as well as tracking and reporting of this tool.  Along with these enhancements, we will also be referring to these publications as “Provider News” going forward rather than “Provider Newsletter”. 


Thanks for your attention to this important update, and for being a valued provider within our network!

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