Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (Anthem) is pleased to announce that Caesar’s is a new client effective January 1, 2022. Caesar’s will be accessing Anthem’s PPO network with one exception. In Las Vegas, Caesar’s will be utilizing the Coalition’s hospital network rather than Anthem’s PPO network.


This new group will have a unique alpha prefix of C2T for each of the PPO plan options. Please see the sample copy below of the Health Plan ID cards. Please note the ID cards below are just samples, and do not include actual member information such as copays, but will be included when the ID cards are generated and sent to members prior to the effective date.)


Sample HSA Plan member ID card:

Sample PPO Plan member ID card:

Operational procedures for Caesar’s are the same as any other local Plan members.  As with other local Plan members, utilize the contact information below:


  • Claims should be filed directly to your local Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield office, either electronically or mailed to:
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
P.O. Box 5747
Denver, CO 80217-5747
  • Online self-service options are available to providers, giving you access to the same information you receive when calling customer service, and provides patient-specific information such as eligibility, benefits, claim status, line-level detail, and payment information. These options include:



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